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Following his exhaustive study of Britten's Six Metamophoses after Ovid, George Caird turns his attention to this much-loved music for solo wind instrument from the Baroque period.

His 20,000 word essay includes topics such as the first publication, instrumentation, style, forms, tempi and time signatures, dynamics, articulation and phrasing, as well as a detailed analysis of each Fantasia.

Wanting to include the widest possible range of interpretations, George and Oboe Classics set up a competition that attracted 104 entries (recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020/21), of which 20 have been selected for the CD. Instruments include flute (modern and baroque), piccolo, piccolo trumpet, oboe (modern and baroque), cor anglais, oboe da caccia, clarinet in C, treble recorder, contra-bassoon, guitar, viola da gamba and electronic wind synthesizer.

George shows how these interpretations express and expand the possibilities of this remarkable music. And the performers describe their experiences of recording in lockdown.
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