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Recordings to celebrate the world of the oboe

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Albéniz, Isaac: Cordóba, Op 232 no 4 from 'Chants d'Espagne"
Albéniz, Isaac: Tango in D, Op 165 no 2 from 'España'
Andriessen, Louis: Anachronie II (1969)
Anon, arr Lester: Can Shee Forgive?
Arnold, Malcolm: Oboe Quartet, Op 61
Ashlyn: The Bassoon Song
Arlen, Harold: Somewhere over the Rainbow
Auric, Georges: Trio (recorded 1938)
Bach, Johann Christian: Sinfonia in B flat, Op 18/2 (recorded 1927)
Bach, Johann Christian: Sinfonia in B flat, Op 18/2 (recorded 1929)
Bach, Johann Christian: Sinfonia in B flat, Op 18/2 (recorded 1950)
Bach, Johann Christian: Sinfonia in B flat, Op 18/2 (recorded 1962)
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Brandenburg Concerto No 2 (2nd movement)
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Concerto for oboe and violin, BWV 1060
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Ich Habe Genug
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (download only)
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Sonata in D, BWV 1028
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Sonata in G, BWV 1027
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Sonata in G minor, BWV 1020
Bach, Johann Sebastian, arr Allen: Jesu, joy of man's desiring (recorded 1961)
Bach, Johann Sebastian, arr Langford: Gigue
Bach, Johann Sebastian, arr Birtwistle: Three Cantata Arias
Bach, Johann Sebastian, arr Whitaker: Sinfonia from the Easter Oratorio (recorded 1943)
Barratt: Round Dance
Barthe: Passacaille for wind quintet
Basler, Paul: Vocalise-Waltz (1996)
Bax, Arnold: Quintet for oboe and strings
Beethoven, Ludwig van, arr Sedlak: Fidelio
Beethoven, Ludwig van: La ci Darem Variations
Beethoven, Ludwig van: La ci Darem Variations (recorded 1939)
Beethoven, Ludwig van: La ci Darem Variations (recorded 1951)
Beethoven, Ludwig van: La ci Darem Variations (recorded 1953)
Benjamin, Arthur: Jamaican Rumba (download only)
Berio, Luciano: Sequenza VII (1969)
Berkeley, Lennox: Quartet for oboe and string trio (1967)
Berkeley, Michael: Snake
Bernstein, Leonard: America (download only)
Binge, Ronald: The Watermill (download only)
Birtwistle, Harrison: Orpheus Elegies
Blackford, Richard: Portrait of Hans Sachs
Blanc, Adolphe: Romance Op 43b
Bliss, Arthur: Quintet for Oboe and Strings (1926)
Boismortier, Joseph: Modèrement
Bozza, Eug&egave;ne: Divertissement, Op. 39
Brahms, Johannes: Violin Concerto, 2nd movement opening (recorded 1940s)
Brahms, Johannes: Violin Concerto, 2nd movement opening (recorded 1926)
Brahms, Johannes: Violin Concerto, 2nd movement opening (recorded 1936)
Brahms, Johannes: Violin Concerto, 2nd movement opening (recorded 1945)
Brahms, Johannes: Violin Concerto, 2nd movement opening (recorded 1959)
Brescianello, Guiseppe Antonio: Concerto in B
Britten, Benjamin: Phantasy Quartet for Oboe and Strings (1933)
Britten, Benjamin: Prince of the Pagodas (excerpt)
Britten, Benjamin: Six Metamorphoses after Ovid (3 versions)
Britten, Benjamin: Temporal Variations (1936)
Boyce, William: Allegro from Sonata no 10
Bull, arr Lester: The King's Hunt
Bush, Alan: Northumbrian Dance (download only)
Bush, Geoffrey: Trio (1952)
Byrd, William: John Come Kiss me Now
Byrd, William, arr Lester: The Earl of Salisbury's Pavane
Carmen: Petite Mignon (recorded 1908)
Chédeville: Musette
Chédeville: Tambourin
Cimarosa, Domenico: Concerto in C (recorded 1943)
Colin, Charles: Concertino for oboe and orchestra
Colin, Charles: Concertino in D (recorded 1914)
Corelli, Archangelo: Concerto (arr. Barbirolli)
Coste, Napoléon: Consolatione - Romance, Op 25
Couperin, François, arr Langford: Les Baricades Mistérieuses
Couperin, François: Les Nations, Deuxième Ordre - Suite L'Espagnole
Czerny: Rise and Shine!
Damase, Jean-Michel: Suite pour Quatre
Damase, Jean-Michel: Trio (1990)
Delibes, Léo: The Flower Duet from Lakmé
Delius, Frederick: Intermezzo from Fennimore and Gerda
Dodgson, Stephen: Suite in D (1972)
Donizetti, Gaetano, arr Brod: Duo from Lucia di Lammermoor
Dring, Madeleine: Trio (1971)
Dutilleux, Henri: Oboe Sonata (1947)
Ellerton, Cimeon: Looking Glass World
Ellington, Duke: It Don't Mean a Thing (download only)
Erdinç, Erol: Danse de la Mer Noire (download only)
Falla, Manuel De: Ritual Fire Dance & Pantomime
Fasch, Johann Friedrich: Trio Sonata in G minor
Fauré, Gabriel: Pièce (vocalise 1914)
Ferran, Ferrer: Oboe Quartet, Horus (2007)
Ferroud, Pierre-Octave: Trio (1933) (recorded 1936)
Finnissy, Michael: Pavasiya (1981)
Finzi, Gerald, arr Howard Ferguson: Interlude (1933-6)
Fiocco, arr Bent & O'Neill: Arioso
Fleming, Antony le: Impromptu IV (download only)
Françaix, Jean: Variations, Quatuor, Sixtuor, Elégie & L'Heure du Berger
Gershwin, George: I got Rhythm
Gershwin, George: Summertime (download only)
Grieg: Piece II
Fitkin, Graham: Ostrich on the Plain (1985)
Goodey, Paul and Oliva, Michael: Xas-Orion (2001)
Goossens, Eugene: Concerto in one movement, Op 45
Goossens, Eugene: Concerto in one movement, Op 45 (recorded 1948)
Gordon, David: Bebop Tango
Gow, Dorothy: Oboe Quintet in one movement (1936)
Guilhaud: Farandole (recorded c1910)
Guilhaud: First Concertino (recorded 1908)
Kalliwoda, Johann Wenzeslaus: Concertino in F, Op 110
Handel, Georg Friedrich: Air
Handel, Georg Friedrich: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (chamber version)
Handel, Georg Friedrich: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (orchestral version)
Handel, Georg Friedrich: Concerto in G minor (1st movement)
Handel, Georg Friedrich: Concerto Grosso Op 3 No 2 (2nd movement)
Handel, Georg Friedrich: Music for the Royal Fireworks (Bourrées and Minuets)
Handel, Georg Friedrich: Duetto from Ariodante
Handel, Georg: Sonata in F (recorded c1940)
Harris: Tango
Harty, Hamilton: Chansonette
Hayden, Sam: Recoil (2001)
Head, Michael: A Song of the Hills
Head, Michael: Siciliana (1972)
Hefti, Neil, arr Langford: The Odd Couple
Henry VIII (attrib), arr Richardson: Greensleeves
Henry VIII (attrib.): Pastime with good company
Herzogenberg, Heinrich von: Trio Op 61
Hindemith, Paul: Sonata for cor anglais
Holt, Simon: Sphinx
Hook: Minuetto
Hotteterre, Jacques: Suite/Sonata in D (recorded 1950)
Huguenin: La Nuit de Noël (recorded 1903)
Jacob, Gordon: Sonatina (1963)
Jerace, Michelangelo: Sinfonia no 2 in E minor
Jolivet, André: Sérénade (1945) (recorded 1958)
Lalliet, Casimir-Théophile: Terzetto, Op 22
Krommer, Franz Vincenz: Quartet in F, P IX:21
Langford, Gordon: Folk Song Suite
Langford, Gordon: The Carnival of Venice
Lee, Adrian: Peace for Vayu
LeFanu, Nicola: Variations for Oboe Quartet (1968)
Lennon/McCartney, arr Hymas: Here Comes the Sun
Lennon/McCartney, arr Hymas: Obladi, Oblada
Leroux, Xavier: Une Soirée près du lac (two 1910 recordings)
Lucchetti, Alessandro: Rock Song No. 3
Leroux, Xavier: Une Soirée près du lac (recorded c1926)
Lutyens, Elizabeth: Driving out the Death for oboe and string trio, Op 81
Machado, Celso: Quebra Quiexo
MacMahon, Desmond: Oboe Concerto, 3rd movement (recorded 1953)
Macmillan, James: Intercession (1991)
Maconchy, Elizabeth: Oboe Quartet (1972)
Maconchy, Elizabeth: Quintet for Oboe and Strings (1932)
Maconchy, Elizabeth: Three Bagatelles (1972)
Maconchy, Elizabeth: Trittico
Marcello: Concerto in C minor
Massenet, Jules: Les Errinyes (1873) (recorded 1931)
Matthews, David: Toccatas and Pastorals, Op 13
Maw, Nicholas: Complaint (1962) (download only)
McDowall, Cecilia: Fox Woman (2002)
McDowall, Cecilia: Century Dances (2005)
Messiaen, Olivier: L'Amour de Piroutcha (1945)
Messiaen, Olivier: Vocalise (1935)
Mihalovici: Sonatine Op 13 (recorded 1937-9)
Milhaud, Darius: Suite d'après Corrette (recorded 1938?)
Moeran, E J: Fantasy Quartet (1946)
Molbe, H: Air arabe, Op 77
Morricone, Ennio: Gabriel's Oboe (download only)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Adagio, K580a
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Divertimento in E flat, K 289
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, arr Craxton: La ci Darem
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Oboe Concerto in C, KV314
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Oboe Concerto in C, 1st movement
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Oboe Quartet in F, K370
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Oboe Quartet in F, K370 (recorded 1926)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Quintet for piano and winds, K452
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Quintet in C, K617
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Serenade in C minor (1st movement)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Sonata in F, K376/K374d
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Three Operatic Duets
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Trio after the Quintet K407
Müller: Zwei Freunde - Polka de Concert
Nicholson, George: Seven Bagatelles
Nielsen, Carl: Romance & Humoresque (recorded 1937)
Oliva, Michael: Into the Light (1997)
Oliva, Michael and Goodey, Paul: Xas-Orion (2001)
Osborne, Nigel: Journey to the End of the Night
Parke, Maria Hester: Andantino espressivo (download only)
Parker, Jim: Freeway
Parker, Jim: Sunday Morning
Pasculli, Antonino: Amelia: un pensiero del Ballo in Maschera
Pasculli, Antonino: Characteristic Study - Le Api (The Bees)
Pasculli, Antonino: Concerto on themes from La Favorita
Pasculli, Antonino: Fantasia on themes from Les Hugenots
Pasculli, Antonino: Fantasia on themes from Poliuto
Pasculli, Antonino: Grand Concerto on themes from I Vespri Siciliani
Piazzolla, Astor: Nightclub 1960
Pierné, Gabriel: Aubade (recorded 1947)
Pierné', Gabriel: Aubade (recorded 1961)
Pla, Joan Baptista & Josep: Trio Sonata in G
Porter, Cole: It's All Right with Me (download only)
Porter, Cole: Let's Do It (download only)
Poulenc, Francis: Trio (1926)
Poulenc, Francis: Trio (1926, recorded 1928)
Purcell, Henry: Air
Purcell, Henry, arr Dods: Chaconne & Sinfonie
Purcell, Henry: Dido's Lament (download only)
Quantz, Johann Joachim: Trio Sonata in G minor
Ravel, Maurice: Habañera (cor version, download only)
Ravel, Maurice: Habañera (oboe version)
Ravel, Maurice: Piano Concerto in G, second movement
Ravel, Maurice, arr Pailthorpe: Le Tombeau de Couperin (1914-17)
Redgate, Christopher: '...sting of the bee...' (improvisation, 2006)
Redgate, Roger: Ausgangspunkte (2004)
Richardson, Alan: Chi-Chi's dance
Richardson, Alan: Rendezvous (1949)
Roesgen-Champion, Marguerite: Pastorale (recorded 1936)
Rose: Calypso
Rossini, arr Demersseman: Duo Brilliant from William Tell
Rossini: William Tell (recorded 1906)
Roussel, Albert: Divertissement Op 6 (recorded 1955)
Routh, Francis: Oboe Quartet, Op 34
Roxburgh, Edwin: Antares (1988)
Roxburgh, Edwin: At the Still Point of the Turning World... (1979)
Roxburgh, Edwin: Aulodie (1977)
Roxburgh, Edwin: Cantilena (1991)
Roxburgh, Edwin: Elegy (1982)
Roxburgh, Edwin: Images (1967)
Roxburgh, Edwin: Shadow Play (1984)
Roxburgh, Edwin: Silent Strings (2005)
Rubbra, Edmund: Duo, Op 156
Runswick, Daryl: Hawkeye
Saint-Saëns, Camille: The Swan (cor anglais)
Saint-Saëns, Camille: The Swan (oboe)
Satie, Erik: Gymnopèdie (recorded 1930)
Salter, Timothy: Diptych (Abstractions IV) (1992)
Salter, Timothy: Dovetail (2014)
San Martini, Giuseppe: Trio Sonata no 5 in G
Scarlatti, arr Bryan: Concerto no 1 in G
Schumann, Clara: Drei Romanzen, Op 70
Schumann, Clara: Romanze, 1853
Schumann, Robert: Abendlied, Op 85
Schumann, Robert: Adagio and Allegro, Op 70
Schumann, Robert: Drei Romanzen, Op 94
Schumann, Robert: First Loss
Schumann, Robert: Romance no 1 (recorded 1911)
Schumann, Robert: Stücke im Volkston, Op 102
Senaillé, Jean Baptiste: Cotillon (recorded 1961)
Shaw, Francis: Gaelic Lament (download only)
Sinclair, Cameron: The Fly (2003)
Skempton, Howard: Bamboo
Skempton, Howard: Random Girl
Stoker, Richard: Four Miniatures, Op 8
Stoker, Richard: Polemics for oboe and string trio, Op 40
Strauss, Richard: Concerto (recorded 1947)
Stravinsky, Igor: Pastorale (recorded 1933)
Sutton-Anderson, David: New Ground (1994)
Tabakova, Dobrinka: Frozen River Flows
Tchaikovsky, arr Pailthorpe: Opening Scene from Eugene Onegin
Tchaikovsky: Symphony no 4, slow movement (recorded 1940s)
Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (excerpts, recorded 1951)
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Concerto in C minor
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Presto from Concerto in E minor
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Sonata in C
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Trio Sonata in A minor
Templeton, Alec: Scherzo Caprice (recorded 1961)
Thomé: Simple Aveu
Thompson, Barbara: Green (2006)
Thuille, Ludwig: Gavotte from the Sextet (recorded 1929)
Trad, arr Hughes: Irish Song (recorded 1961)
Trad, arr Langford: Arabic Song - On the Palm Tree
Trad: Comin' round the Mountain
Trad: Good Night, Ladies
Trad, arr Kreisler: Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
Trad: London's Burning
Trad: Polish Folk Tune
Trad: Summer is icumen in
Trad: Trelawney March (download only)
Valentine, Robert: Sonata no 10 in C
Van Phillips: Nicolette
Wanhal, Johann Baptist: Quartet in C
Wastall, Peter: Corumbá
Wedgewood, Pam: Cat Walk
Wedgewood, Pam: Dragonfly
Wedgewood, Pam: Hot Chilli
Wedgewood, Pam: Pastime with good company
Wedgewood, Pam: Wrap it up
Williams, John: Hedwig's Theme
Wilson, Andrew: Suite of Sweets (Op. 115, 2007)
Xenakis, Iannis: Dmaathen
Yeats, Marc: Dark Gravity (2014)
Young, Michael: Argrophylax (2004)
Žebeljan, Isidora: eleven chamber works

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