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Recordings to celebrate the world of the oboe

by Jeremy Polmear

Most of the albums in this site's catalogue can be streamed or downloaded, but note the comments in the table below. There is one classical-type download site, Presto Classical, where the Oboe Classics catalogue can be accessed directly. For the rest (iTunes, Amazon digital, CD Baby, Spotify etc) you need to search the site for an individual album - the artist's name usually being the most reliable.

Spotify is the only site that allows you to stream complete tracks for free, though there are Ads from time to time. There are also Spotify playlists, and Following and Sharing them helps Oboe Classics.

There are also digital albums and tracks at - and there are physical versions of some of them, at the bottom of the table.

For all albums and tracks, the best source of information is on this site.

The World of the Oboe
The download/streaming version is shorter. Type in the full album name to avoid similar titles.
Han de Vries
The Radio Recordings

For copyright reasons, this limited edition is not available for download/streaming.
Britten Metamorphoses
The performances are available, but not the 20,000-word study notes.
Orpheus Elegies
The CD has an interview with the composer about these Elegies, and an explanation of the text of each.
Ready Steady Blow!
The download/streaming version has 14 main tracks; the CD has 33, plus piano only tracks to play along with, and how to get the music.
Janet Craxton
For copyright reasons this CD is not available for download/streaming.
The art of Han de Vries
For copyright reasons only the Bach and Andriessen Concertos are available for download/streaming.
Baroque Spirit
For copyright reasons this CD is not available for download/streaming.

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