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The Ambache is looking for new friends to play with
photo (by Jacqueline Wyatt) of Diana Ambache rehearsing with the orchestra

Because as a Friend of the Ambache you'll be more than just a listener.

The regular support of Friends enables us to plan for the future, discover and introduce new music (by women composers and Mozart, among others), and explore the music more deeply.

With your help the Ambache will maintain the standard you expect from them. You can make the music even better and hear the difference.

As a valued friend you will:
  • Receive a Newsletter three times a year written by Diana Ambache
  • Get Priority Booking
  • Be eligible for tickets at discounted prices
  • Receive one FREE CD every year
  • Sit in on certain rehearsals

Membership costs just 40 a year, or 50 for joint membership - a sum you can save on ticket, programme and CD discounts -

- but the real reward will be the music you make with us

Interested in becoming a Friend of the Ambache?
Type your name and address here and we'll send you a leaflet:

[Note: You can fill this in online or offline - the page will create an email and put it in your Outbox. BUT Compuserve and AOL browsers don't support this feature, and Mac users have reported problems. If in doubt, just send an ordinary email to .]

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