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Diana Ambache rehearsing with the orchestra The processes of creativity and teambuilding have many similarities in music and in business. Both use teams of players, who are partners in work and play. Both create a company through conversation, dialogue and collaboration. The Ambache's concert series Only Connect featured this musical collaboration, dialogue and synthesis. In the Ambache, we discover parallels with corporate teambuilding through looking at the interaction of musicians in creating a musical piece. The musical "conversations" of chamber music are used to inform business partnerships. We develop listening skills, a fundamental of good musical teams, to help bring corporate teams alive.

Three different workshops are offered, using a number of experiential, creative exercises, along with discussions to help make the mechanisms of the musical teams more visible. No special artistic skills are required for any of these workshops. Objectives include strengthening the team's interaction, aligning team members' pupose, enhancing the listening and response between members, and broadening people's ability to bring more of themselves to work.

These courses can be tailored to suit a company's needs;
we are happy to discuss your specific objectives.
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The day is centred round the preparation and performance of the programme of words and music Work and Play, with the participants performing the readings, and the Polmear Ambache Duo playing the music. The day develops the skills of refinement, communication, leadership and performance.
Participants: between 12 and 40. Fee 3,000 & VAT

Creative musical exercises in teams of five act as both an imaginative challenge and a basis for understanding the later performance of Mozart's Quintet for piano and wind K452. A concluding discussion draws out Mozart's skill in giving free rein to the individual's character while blending them into the corporate whole.
Participants: between 12 and 30. Fee 5,000 & VAT

Business leaders are invited to sit for the morning amongst the musicians and experience the rehearsal of a Mozart Piano Concerto from inside the orchestra. The afternoon discussion considers such questions as how it worked, what degree of democracy is possible, and how one can create satisfaction in a team.
Participants: up to 20 middle and senior management. Fee range 8-10,000 & VAT

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