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Pupils from Earls Barton Junior School, Northampton
Friday 25th May 2001
Photo courtesy Northamptonshire Newspapers Ltd
The principles behind our education work appear below. For examples of how they work out in practice, see these reports:
Photo: The Wellingborough project - pupils from Earls Barton Junior School, Northampton, Friday 25th May 2001.
Courtesy Northamptonshire Newspapers Ltd.


Katja Mervola


The aim of Ambache’s Education Department is to promote an enthusiasm for and an appreciation and understanding of music and the work of the group.


The education team is led by Katja Mervola.


  • To introduce the art form in an exciting and accessible way, through workshops involving young people developing their own creative work


  • To introduce the repertoire of Ambache


  • To encourage young people to create their own pieces of music under the guidance of an experienced workshop team, using themes from either the performance pieces or of the school’s choice and to share their work at the end of the workshop


  • To develop music skills in specific learning areas, in line with the National Curriculum, ensuring a valuable contribution to the young person’s long term education


  • To ensure that all participants – the students, teachers and workshop leaders – have a positive and valuable educational experience


  • To encourage the enjoyment of music and music making


  • To encourage a long term interest in and enthusiasm for music


for further details, please contact Diana Ambache at

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