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Ambache logo PROJECT COMMENTS - MARCH 2005

The Ensemble's tour of Spring 2005 (which was supported by the Arts Council of England) was accompanied by a programme of complimentary activities.

The education team of Ian Ross and Sheldon King also did two associated days of workshops in the local school. Working with Leek High School for a day (to accompany the Ensemble's concert in Ashbourne) they explored playing as an ensemble and creating an original piece of music, which was shared with other members of the school at the end of the day. The students created and performed, using the instruments available within the school, and alongside the two professionals in the team. The Head of Music was keen to establish a renewed enthusiasm with the school for music and felt that this work certainly contributed greatly to his aim.

"Two memorable days.... The Head Teacher and Deputy Head were bowled over with the results.
All got a good deal out of the workshops .... Anytime again, please don't hesitate!"

Head of Music, Leek High School, Derbyshire

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