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two hundred and fifty years
of music by women

In putting this site together I have drawn on information from the main dictionaries of women composers, and concert and CD programme notes. Thanks also go to the publishers who are issuing new editions of the works discussed. If anyone feels their copyright has been infringed, let me know and I will remove their material.

Specifically I would like to thank:
  • The Arts Council of England - for their generous grant which enabled my research in libraries in Paris, Berlin and Vienna. A click here will take you to their web site; return via your browser's Back Button.
  • The New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers - whose comprehensive coverage has been an endless source of information on all these composers (and others). I am extremely gratful to the Editors Julie Anne Sadie and Rhian Samuel for having produced such an informative book, with life stories, repertoire lists, and photographs of the composers. It was published by the Macmillan Press, London in 1994.
  • The International Encyclopedia of Women Composers - this is another substantial (pair of) book(s), with a lot of useful information, and helpful cross-referenced lists. This was well ahead of its time, having been published in 1981. The Editor Aaron Cohen must've done a huge amount of research before the topic began to be of interest. It is published by Books & Music (USA) Inc, POBox 1301, Cathedral Station, New York, NY 10025, USA.
  • The Pandora Guide to Women Composers by Sophie Fuller - covering Britain and the United States 1629 to the present, this book gives the flavour of over a hundred British and American composers, describing their milieu, their life and works. Fuller examines the reasons why women composers have been so neglected, and reassesses their work in the light of both musicological and biographical scholarship. It is an accessible, original and authoritative book. It is published by Pandora, an imprint of HarperCollins, 77-85 Fulham Palace Rd, London W6 8JB.
  • Hildegard Publishing Company - an American musical publishing company which has published an impressive list of works by women. They are mentioned in the composer pages when they have published a work. A click here will take you to their web site; return via your browser's Back Button.
  • Furore Edition - a German musical publishing company, also specialising in music by women, predominantly solos, duos and chamber music. A click here will take you to their web site; and their e-mail address is
  • Tonger Musikverlag - another German musical publishing company, specialising in music by women, similar to Furore. Their web site is at
  • Women's Revolutions Per Minute - a company specialising in recorded music of all genres, performed, composed and produced by women. A click here will take you to their web site; return via your browser's Back Button.
  • Quatuor des Iles - a French Quartet including works composed by women in their repertoire A click here will take you to their web site; return via your browser's Back Button.
  • Robert Maycock - who wrote some engaging programme notes for the Women of Note concert series.
  • Richard Wigmore - another very interesting programme note author.
  • Jeremy Polmear - who gave enormous help in creating this web site.
  • Chris Rendel - who encouraged me to create the site in the first place.
  • Dana Muller - whose dissertation "Helen Hopekirk (1856-1945): Pianist, Composer, Pedagogue: A Biographical Study; A Thematic Catalogue of her works for Piano; A Critical Edition of her Concertstuck in D minor for Piano and Orchestra" was invaluable in writing the Hopekirk page. Click here to visit her web site; return via your browser's Back Button.

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