The Hangers Way - practicalities

1. Walking days
This is a short long-distance path - 21 miles. We did it in three easy days, staying at Selbourne and Steep, but you could do it in two (including travel from London) staying at Hawkley.

2. Getting there and away
From London: Train from Waterloo to Alton; 1 hour 15 mins.
Getting away: Taxi from the Queen Elizabeth Country Park to Petersfield Station; 15 mins; £12.30 for 4 people (2012). Then train from Petersfield to Waterloo; 1 hour 10 mins.

3. Leaflet & Maps
There is an excellent Hangers Way leaflet from Hampshire County Council: www3.hants.gov.uk/hangers-way.pdf
The Ordnance Survey maps are 133 (Haslemere & Petersfield); and 120 (Chichester). The Way was generally very well signed, with a logo of little green arrows, and nice old, weathered, wooden finger-posts. Just occasionally we needed to consult the maps. Sometimes we thought that the signage on the ground differed from the map's version; in these cases we followed the signage.

4. The route:
(Prices quoted are of February 2012, for a double room.)
Day 1: Train to Alton (am). Walk 2.5 miles to East Worldham; lunch at The Three Horseshoes.
Walk 3.5 miles to Selbourne; (pm).
Selbourne accomodation: choice of 2 pubs, or B&B at Thatched Barn House, Grange Farm, Gracious St, Selborne, GU34 3JG. £60. Tel 01420 511007. www.selborne.eu (very nice breakfasts!).
Day 2: Walk 5 miles Selborne to Hawkley; (am); lunch at the Hawkley Inn.
Walk 3.5 miles Hawkley to Steep; (pm).
B&B at The Cricketers Inn, 1 Church Rd, Steep, Hants, GU32 2DW. £67. Tel: 01730 261035. www.thecricketersinnsteep.co.uk
Or walk a further 1.5 miles to Petersfield, with a greater choice of accommodation and food.
Day 3: Walk 6.5 miles Steep to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park; (am); lunch at the Park Cafe.
Taxi to Petersfield Station. Train to London.

If you do a 2-day version, you could stop overnight at the lovely Hawkley Inn, Pococks Lane, Hawkley, Liss, Hants, GU33 6NE. Tel 01730 827205. £70. www.hawkleyinn.co.uk