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Official Press Reviews are in the 'More Details' page of each CD, and for the later issues so are these
listener comments, but here (especially for the earlier issues) are some things people have been saying:
  • "I am obsessed with this CD and can't get enough of it. Janet Craxton's playing is so fascinating and poetic. I am so grateful to you for your time and money that you invested in this project. The music chosen is Perfect! I am so glad that the works represented are works that are little known yet highly interesting and unique. When your pocket book is a little bigger, please consider Janet Craxton CD II. :)" BH, Woodinville WA, USA
  • "I took Ready Steady Blow! into school today, and gave it to the Head of Music, who played it to his music class. At the end, he told me, a voice piped up - 'I'd like to learn the oboe please!'"MM, London, UK
  • "George Caird's CD is wonderful - splendid recording and performance!"RM, Leicester, UK
  • "That disc featuring La Fontaine instantly became my all-time favorite oboe recording. Thanks!" AP, by email
  • "I think that Emily Pailthorpe's playing, overall, is outstanding! I can certainly understand why she was given the nickname of the 'Jacqueline du Pré of the oboe'! That Tombeau arrangement was really terrific! If only large orchestras could be as flexible with tempi as a soloist and accompanist because the occasional rubato gave a whole new degree of expression to the piece." MF, Pensacola FL, USA
  • "I have to say that you sound absolutely terrific on the Mozart CD, with very lovely, free, fresh musical playing. I also want to congratulate you on the artwork, notes, and details included in the booklet; it's obvious that a lot of care and attention has gone into the whole package." MS, St Louis Park MN, USA
  • "Your Mozart CD is helping me get through my surgery with a minimum of brain damage - thank you." Dr HM, London, UK
  • "The Pasculli is phenomenal! The virtuosic oboe technique made me giggle. And Stephen Robbings' accompaniments are very orchestral." JB, London
  • "Congratulations on the Goossens CD - the Scarlatti is him at his best." JB, Malmesbury, UK
  • "I'm listening to Han de Vries as I type - outstanding!" AS, Dover DE, USA
  • "The Han de Vries is a really beautiful CD. I've played it every day since it arrived - many congratulations for bringing these recordings into being again. The playing of the Bach is absolutely exquisite - particularly in the sensitivity and conversations between the violin and oboe. It's an old favourite of mine but the quality of musicianship puts it in another league." CL, London, UK
  • "I gave the Han de Vries CD to a pupil of mine for Christmas. He told me he listened to it four times on Christmas day and found it very inspiring." BC, Great Yarmouth, UK
  • "I wanted to congratulate you on the Schumann CD... I was a first study oboe music student at Manchester some years ago... I have now found a completely new career and in order to re-train gave up playing for five years... I have now started again and your CD inspires me!! Thank you." PS, London, UK
  • "I found your website when searching with Google for someone playing 'Simple Aveu'..." BM, Los Altos CA, USA [Three cheers for Google! Ed.]
  • "Congratulations on the Schumann, which I am much enjoying. The sound is lovely, I like the balance and the recording, the shaping and phrasing very convincing. What pleases me most is that you add two jolly tracks which lighten up Schumann's rather serious side. You do it again in the playful bits of Robert's first Romance and it is delightful and so important. I love Schumann when he aspires and builds his miniature castles!" RL, Shaftesbury, UK
  • " also made a good selection from Han de Vries' many recordings. I have known him well since I was one of his pupils. The booklet is almost as interesting as the recordings you chose." PB, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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