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Recordings to celebrate the world of the oboe

by Jeremy Polmear

You can go to Spotify to check out my playlists, or clicking a name below will take you to that playlist. Or you can hear them here by clicking the title or the Spotify image (though this can be a bit temperamental).

If you like them please follow them (this is how Spotify decides what is good). If you want to recommend tracks for these playlists, email me at

Classic oboe: chill

Feel like relaxing, maybe with glass in hand?
Here is a beautiful and varied set.
Classic oboe: party

An upbeat series - every now and then you hear
a snippet of music and think 'wow, what's THAT?'
Oboes in Lockdown

A playlist to reflect the states of mind we might feel in Lockdown - frustration, sadness, fear, relaxation, 'naturisation', community, boredom.


A playlist of music in exams, from Grade 2 to way beyond Grade 8. Its purpose is to show that whatever level of oboist you are, there is good music out there for you. This playlist is more fixed than the others, and has a PDF (printable) Guide.

The best of Léon Goossens

Still the world's best-known oboist. This list
starts with a mis-labelled and incomplete
version of the last movement of the Vaughan Williams Concerto, but's a lovely interpretation.

The best of Emily Pailthorpe

For sheer intensity of expression, Emily is
hard to beat! Born in the US, working in
the UK, she has a style that players on
both sides of the pond will recognize.

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