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Recordings to celebrate the world of the oboe

Retail Enquiries

The Distributor for:

CC2009 An English Renaissance
CC2026 The World of the Oboe
CC2031 Great Goossens
CC2034 Rutland Boughton 'for Joyance'

is CD Baby. They are US-based, and have worldwide distribution through Alliance Entertainment, aent.com.

Further titles (but not the whole catalogue) will be added to CD Baby.

If you would like a more direct relationship, I have two systems:
     (1) You pay up-front for both CDs and postage.
     (2) Consignment: you pay nothing up-front; I send CDs and pay postage.
          You email me when you sell a CD, I keep stock maintained.

On the face of it, (1) has nothing going for it, (2) has everything. The difference is the price, which is much lower for (1).

If you are interested contact me, Jeremy Polmear at mail@oboeclassics.com.

There is a summary of the Oboe Classics catalogue at www.oboeclassics.com/distributors.