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Recordings to celebrate the world of the oboe

Costs, Payment, Security, Delivery Times, Privacy and Returns

All CDs have extensive booklets with programme notes and photographs.
Some are in English, French and German, some have variations, or longer notes in English only.
From the catalogue, click on an individual CD cover image for details.

The price of CDs and double CDs on this site is £11.99 ($16, €13 approx). For the Britten Metamorphoses CD the price is £13.50 ($18, €15 approx). The UK price has not changed since Oboe Classics was founded in 2002 (though exchange rates go up and down).

The only other cost is Postage and Packing (last increased in 2012), which is the same, worldwide: One CD £1.50, two or more CDs £2.50. Orders totalling more than £55 ($73 or €61 approx) are post free, worldwide

There is the theoretical possibility that you could be charged import duty in your country. Until recently, out of more than three thousand orders I have only heard of this happening once, to Canada (I now split large Canadian orders into smaller units). US orders - and some of them have been very big - have never been charged. However the EU has now (2021) started charging customs and VAT; I'll describe the CD(s) as a gift, which should work for most orders. (UK VAT has already been paid on the CDs.)

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As you browse the site, if you want to buy a CD, click 'Add to Cart', and you will see this:

If you want more, 'Continue shopping' takes you to the main catalogue and removes the cart. If you want to go back to where you were, just x the cart.

Use the lower Check Out if you want to use a Credit or Debit card; the upper one will log you into PayPal but you can still use a card. Indeed, it is quicker - PayPal will use your stored details. If you use the lower one, PayPal may display another screen encouraging you to join, but there is always a way to pay with your card.

The system works well; the only downside is that PayPal wants a phone number. I don't keep it - feel free to type in anything!

When you're happy that all is in order, make the payment. PayPal will send you a confirmation email, and so will I when I post the order, usually within 24 hours. If for any reason any delay is expected (because of holidays, for example) there will be a message to that effect on the Home Page of the site. There have been no errors so far. The payment will show up on your Card bill as 'OB CLASSICS'. I have found PayPal to be simple, reliable, and secure, but if you have any kind of problem, email and I'll find a way to fix it.

If you want to pay by UK cheque or bank transfer, don't use the Cart; email me and we'll take it from there.

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In spite of stories in the media, buying over the web is much safer than using a credit card in a shop, restaurant, or (especially) garage. Perhaps the most unsettling aspect of security is the Spam emails many of us get, inviting us to update our account details. If you have a PayPal account, you will know never to respond to such emails, however persuasive.

If, in spite of these reassurances, the worst should ever happen to you, your credit card company will reimburse you for any money used fraudulantly from your account. If you think Oboe Classics has made a mistake, or your order doesn't arrive, tell us and we'll see what we can do. Our address is 9 Beversbrook Road, London N19 4QG, UK, telephone number is +44 (0)7703 831 152, email address is

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Worldwide, the CDs are sent airmail as a small packet. I have been pleasantly surprised at the reliability and speed of the world's postal services. One American buyer was amazed when their CD arrived two days after ordering it, but they were lucky - five days is a more typical time to the USA. Even Australia can be five days. Unfortunately Europe doesn't seem to be much faster, perhaps because the package still has to go through the same number of stages, even if the flight time is shorter.

In the UK they are sent second class, but my feedback indicates that they usually arrive the following day.

However, the Post Offices of the world don't guarantee delivery times, and there is always the possibility that the CDs may get held up somewhere in the system, which means waiting to see if they have been lost, or merely delayed. This can be a nuisance, but out of more than a thousand packages sent out since 2002, only two have failed to arrive - one to Poland and the other to another part of London, about five miles away! (I replaced them.)

The CDs are sent in bags padded with bubblewrap, which is normally enough to protect them from the stresses and strains of the journey. However, there are some kinds of mishandling they can't withstand, and the CD jewel case may crack. If this is a problem for you, again, I will replace the product.

"I must say how impressed I am at the efficiency and speed of your service. Not only do you provide outstanding products but they are delivered and received within days. If only everyone was like that....." Stuart Wright, UK

"I was amazed at the speed with which my order arrived. I ordered something else from England a week earlier, and it still hasn't arrived." Gail Perstein, USA

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When you place an order, I retain your name, address, email address, and what you ordered. If you want that information deleted let me know and I will do so.

Once or twice a year I may send an email with news of new CDs, special offers etc. There is always a way of opting out, but if you wish to do so immediately, again, let me know.

If a CD is physically damaged, or doesn't work, I will replace it. If you just don't like the music, and can make out a case that the website misled you as to what you were buying - well, give it a try!

In all these cases my name is Jeremy Polmear, address Oboe Classics, 9 Beversbrook Road, London N19 4QG, UK; telephone number +44 (0)7703 831 152; email address

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