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Jeremy Polmear travel diaries

I don't normally write travel diaries. But sometimes on a trip, if Diana Ambache and I have had a day that was especially enjoyable, or significant, or just that I think people might be interested in, I write it up. Some of these writings are below.
    Jeremy Polmear on Le Grand Ballon, Alsace, France, 2007
  • Mallorca
    2003: in the Tramuntana Mountains.

  • Sikkim
    2004: a day in a trek in Sikkim, towards Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest mountain, on the Sikkim/Nepal border.

  • Montenegro
    2005: Climbing Savin Kuk in northern Montenegro

  • Jordan
    2008: A day at Wadi Rum

  • Mozart and the Microscope
    2008: This is the blog of a 250-mile trek from Salzburg (where Mozart was born) to Vienna (where he died) through rural Austria, to raise money for a surgical microscope.

  • Kattaikkuttu
    2011: Watching a regional art form in south India

  • Getting to the GR52A
    2011: Starting a long-distance path in Provence

There are detailed descriptions of many more walks at

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