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Elizabeth Claude Jacquet de la Guerre (1665-1729)

Elizabeth Claude Jacquet de la Guerre was a composer and harpsichordist, the first French woman to publish a book of harpsichord pieces and the first to compose an opera. She was described by the Mercure galant in 1678 as the marvel of our century. At the age of 5, she performed for King Louis XIV, and was singled out for special favour by him; he always encouraged her career, giving audience to her performances and permitting her to dedicate her publications to him. Titon du Tillet wrote that "all the great musicians and fine connoisseurs went eagerly to hear her... She had above all a talent for improvising and for playing fantasias extemporaneously." She wrote volumes of harpsichord pieces, a ballet, an opera, solo violin sonatas, books of cantatas based on Old Testament stories, and three cantatas based on mythological and allegorical subjects. Two of her cantatas have been re-issued by Hildegard Publishing (USA) and others by Furore Verlag.

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  • Violin Sonata
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    Sonata No 2 for violin & harpsichord, 1707
    1. Presto, D major. 2. Adagio, D minor. 3. Presto, D major. 4. Presto, D major
    A classic baroque sonata, with lively fast movements, and a beautiful Adagio.
    Published by University of Pittsburg Press
Her music is published by Furore Verlag and Broude Bothers.

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