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celebrating three hundred years of music by women


Eleanor Alberga
Anna Amalia
Claude Arrieu
Grazyna Bacewicz
Marion Bauer
Wilhelmina von Bayreuth
Amy Beach
Luise le Beau
Henriette Beaumesnil
Nadia and Lily Boulanger
Gena Branscombe
Emilie Candeille
Cecile Chaminade
Ruth Crawford
Mabel Daniels
Madeleine Dring
Louise Farrenc
Marie Grandval
Elizabeth J de la Guerre
Helen Hopekirk
Mary Howe
Helene Liebmann
Elizabeth Maconchy
Marianne Martinez
Fanny Mendelssohn
Maria von Paradis
Maria Hester Park
Florence Price
Nanette von Schaden
Clara Schumann
Germaine Tailleferre
Louise Talma
Pauline Viardot
Maria Antonia Walpurgis
Isidora Zebeljan