GR221 - practicalities
Mallorca sea to sea

1. Days needed
To do the whole route, eight walking days plus one day either side for travel to London. Not strictly a 'week walk' then, but it could easily be split at Sóller, which would make a very good start/end point, with its own many walking opportunities, and a narrow-gauge railway link (as well as a more mundane bus) to Palma.

One way to 'save' a day would be to walk on to Valldemossa on day 3, and get to Sóller on day 4.

2. Getting there and away
Is very straightforward. Cheap flight to Palma, then the number 1 bus to Plaça Espanya, where there is the bus (and narrow-gauge railway) terminus. Then bus to Sant Elm. At the end, bus from Port de Pollença to Palma terminus.

3. Maps etc
There is no one definitive map of Mallorca. We use maps associated with various guidebooks:
a) Landscapes of Mallorca by Valerie Crespí-Green, Sunflower Books. Even though the walks in this book are circular, for us it is the basic guidebook to Mallorca. It was also the source of the map on this site.
b) Discovery Walking Guides have a plethora of books on Mallorca, all good in their own way. For this walk there is the Mallorca West Walking Guide by David and Ros Brawn, used for Day 1, and Mallorca North Walking Guide by the same authors, used for day 8 (these are both small and quite cheap). For the bulk of the walk there is GR221 - Mallorca's Dry Stone Way by Charles Davis. If you stop in the Soller area, then Mallorca Mountains Walking Guide (also by David and Ros Brawn) has an excellent map of various trails in the area.

4. The route
The GR221 is Mallorca's attempt to emulate the walking facilities of other parts of Europe, and the route is generally well-planned and marked. However, public rights of way are not as established in Mallorca as elsewhere, and there are disputes between landowners and walking groups. Paths are sometimes closed or diverted, and this has led to complications on the route. Charles Davis' book attempts to grapple with these problems, but the result is quite a complex series of alternatives; what follows is our personal preference, which will not get you into trouble with a landowner or his dog.

Arrival: The Hostal Dragonera at Sant Elm is good value, and has balconies overlooking the sea.
Day 1: Sant Elm to Andratx. 15 kilometres, 5½ hours.
Mallorca West Walking Guide, walks 11 & 5.
To stay, try the Andratx Guest House.
Day 2: Andratx to Estellencs. 20 kilometres, 6 hours.
We took a taxi from Andratx to Capdellà, which went round the long way. However there is a minor road (103-1), which google maps says goes to the Torrent de sa Cama, then along a lane called the Ctra de Capdella, then another lane, the Carrer del Coll d'en Esteve.
From Campdellà to Estellencs is Alt Stage 1A in Charles Davis' book, and when you get to the road it is the last part of Stage 2.
We stayed at the Sa Plana Petit Hotel.
Day 3: Estellencs to Esporles. 14 kilometres, 3½ hours.
Charles Davis' book Stages 3A and 3B. Charles doesn't like the road walking in 3A (due to disputes with a landowner), but we didn't mind.
We don't remember where we stayed. The two-star L'Estada Hotel, Plaza Espana 8,
07190 Esporles is right in the centre of town, but is hard to book on the net.
Day 4: Esporles to Deia. 16 kilometres, 6 hours.
Charles Davis' book Stages 4A and 4B.
[Note, 2016: there is a conservation project between Valdemossa and Deià;
the detour adds about one hour to the afternoon.]

Accommodation in Deia tends to be pricey. You could try the Pension Miramar.
Day 5: Deia to Soller. 12½ kilometres, 3 hours.
Charles Davis' book Stages 5A and 5B.
Hotel El Guia is our favourite.
Day 6: Soller to Tossals Verds refuge. 16 kilometres, 5½ hours.
Charles Davis' book Stages 6A and 6B (the official route).
Prbably the best way to get into the Refuge is just to turn up. Its web profile is low, but if you google Consell de Mallorca Tossals Verds and translate the resulting site, there is a booking facility there.
Day 7: Tossals Verds refuge to Lluc Monastery. 14 kilometres, 4 hours.
Charles Davis' book Stage 7A and 7B.
Details and booking: Lluc Monastery.
Day 8: Lluc Monastery to Port de Pollença. 23 kilometres, 5 hours.
Charles Davis' book Stage 8 (to Pollença, the official end of the GR221), and Mallorca North Walking Guide walk 1 to get to the sea.
Try the Pension Bella Vista.